Microblading is a permanent makeup/tattoo blading technique that uses a small blade to create single hair like strokes, (similar to a paper cut) throughout the brow to create shape and fluff. This is the most subtile brow enhancement available. Thin hair-like strokes are implanted throughout the brows, giving the illusion of a naturally full brow. Is it a semi-permanent tattoo procedure, with results lasting 1-2 years. Microblading is meant to be a subtle enhancement and looks MOST natural on clients who have full brow hair and want to perfect their shape and add fullness. The more fine hair you have, the more natural it will appear. Microblading heals best on young, normal/dry skin. Those with combination/oily or aging skin are NOT candidates for microblading, and are better suited for combination or powder brows. If you have oily skin, and large pores, microblading can lead to blotchy, uneven pigment saturation in the skin, and blur your results over time.

Microblading is not the only way to achieve “natural” results. Unless a client is an ideal candidate, microblading can look more unnatural than a combo or powder brow. If you do not fit the above description of an ideal microblading candidate, please book a combo or powder brow!


Fluffy Brows- signature style$550

A stylish brow pattern that enhances your brows wild, untamed fluff similar to the look of a brow lamination  

Powder Brow$550

A powder brow is a semi permanent tattoo shading technique that has no hair strokes and is created using machine shading. It is ideal for all skin types. Results can last up to 3 years! A single needle and tattoo machine are used to implant small pixels of pigment below the skin surface. These pixels are layered on top of each other until the desired amount of saturation is achieved. A wide range of 'looks' can be achieved with this style from a very soft amount of shading (never harsh edges) for an ultra natural look, or layer shading for a more defined, ombre make up look! Powder brows can be customized to fit your goals and preferences. 

Powder brows are not “sharpie brows” or heavily saturated brows of the past. A powder brow can be just as natural in appearance as the pigment is layered to create an ombre effect and not a solid block of color. If you have oily skin, and large pores, microblading can lead to blotchy, uneven pigment saturation in the skin, and blur your results over time. A powder brow is an even layer of color that heals and fades over time consistently from front to tail.

Like the other brow styles, a powder brow is semi-permanent and will fade over time. However, this style typically lasts the longest, creates the least amount of trauma. Powder brows will look intimidating at first, but the results heal to a soft, powdery finish. If you fill in your brows daily, want the least amount of maintenance, or want results that last and have to return less every year powder brows will suit you best.

Blade and Shade$550

A variation of the powder brow that includes microblading or nano tattooing in the head or front of the brow with a powder shaded brow body. This is a beautiful, stylish look for all skin types (including oily/aging skin), and heals very soft and beautiful. 

Combo Brow$550

A cosmetic tattoo technique that combines microblading or nano tattooing to create single hair like strokes throughout the brow to create shape and structure, with added machine shading to create depth while still looking natural. 

Ideal for those with alopecia and little to no brow hair, and all skin types

Like microblading, results typically last 1-3 years depending on your skin type. 

If you have naturally sparse brow hair or uneven brow growth, a combination brow is perfect for you! Soft shading blends out any unevenness and can give you a more realistic result. It is also ideal for those who wear makeup on their brows daily or looking for a more defined or filled in brow. 

If you are unsure of what service to book, a combination brow is a good choice and we can go from there!

Lip Blush$550

a Semi Permanent tattoo shading technique used to achieve a subtle natural looking tint that can help disguise asymmetry, uneven lip color and contour. Results can last 20 months- 3years

meant to match/enhance color, define your natural lip border, giving you the look of fuller, more youthful lips with a boost of color. 

Lip Blushing or Aquarelle Lips are meant to compliment and enhance your natural lip color

This technique is not a full lipstick look, but a natural tint

Neutralization Lip Blush$600

dark or hyper-pigmented lips is possible!  a similar tattoo shading technique is used to neutralize and restore lips from dark coloration (due to melanin) or undesired hyperpigmentation to a bright natural hue, correct asymmetry, uneven lip color and contour. Results can last 20 months- 3 years

-additional info-

6-8 week Perfecting session is complementary up to 10 weeks an additional $100 up charge will be applied after 10 weeks

additional touch-ups after 14 weeks for stubborn skin are $250

refreshers/color boosts are recommended every 20 months-3 years.

Annual Pricing $250-300 machine lips​

A perfecting session is required 6-8 weeks later to achieve desired results and longevity of color


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